Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Took a bit of a break... Dallied with some 'other' hobbies however I am steadfast and determined to finish the final edit on Skimmer. I'd like to make the submission before our trip to Florida on Feb 17th.
I've gotten into high power rocketry, found a great group of people at MDRA Rocketry Association and will be going for my NAR Lvl 2 high power certification.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Edit of Skimmer

I'm penciling the second edit on paper now. I realized I needed more show not tell so it's become a fairly laborous edit.
I'm hoping to submit it to either Asimov's or Analog before Halloween.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Skimmer Rough draft complete

Yes! Just finished the rough draft of my novelette, Skimmer. I got juiced up on espresso last night and finished up several scenes that were hanging. I wrote well into 2 AM and feel really great about how the story has shaped up.

The general plot revolves around cybernetic prostheses, neural interfacing with a pre-ai computer program, and the indomitable human spirit. Assisted high speed running is something I've been mentally kicking around for some quite time. The story took several weeks to write--not too shabby considering I have a 'day' job and I'm an active parent of 6 year old twin girls.

While procrastinating these scenes, I had already done some editing so expecting my current edit to go quickly. Skimmer curently weighs in at 13k words so I might have to gut some stuff to meet magazine submission limits.

Like 200 million other Americans I'm trying to look at some way to understand this ridiculous economic bailout bill thats being written. Lawmakers say the public doesn't understand the complexity of the problem, there is an absolute need to give 700 billion in taxpayer dollars to the greed mongers of Wall street who pushed the housing market into the abyss.

My prediction is 700 $Billion is just the tip of the iceberg. Regardless of what conditions are imposed, the gamblers at Wall Street will figure a way to game the bill and maximize their own profit. The taxpayer public will then have to throw more money at the problem until some sort of reform is implemented.

Screw that, let the market correct itself.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Writing on the go with a Blackberry

Although I always believed myselfto be an open minded and technically advanced professional, I didn't quite get the Blackberry. I absolutely hated the device when I recieved my first job-required Blackberry a few years ago. I considered it a toy for the gadget minded. My gripes were:

  • The screen was tiny.
  • The keys were miniscule.
  • The keys & buttons were too small and would cause many typing errors
  • Etc, etc

A few years later, well guess what? Despite my over sized monkey thumbs-I'm managing to pound out 400-500 words in a 20 minute bus ride or 30 minute ferry trip-gotta love the free Staten Island ferry. Not to say this occurs every ride or trip but enough to be productive. Approximately a quarter of my 15,000 word novellette was rough drafted on my Blackberry and emailed to my home account for insertion and editing on my home PC.

I do not worship the device like some do, however I finally got the device and can use it for the tool it is. A good indicator of how adaptable we are, especially given time and opportunity.

Hello writing, Goodbye game development

After commiting considerable time and energy I've found that game development no longer holds my interest. I made some good advances in learning programming but programing/gaming requires resources and time which I just can not commit

I've returned to my 'roots', with reading and writing science fiction. What's great is with various eletronic devices I can write almost whenever I have the urge. Fodder for a future topic.

I've written several short science fiction stories which are in editing. One is almost ready for submission to either Analog or Asimov's magazines.

I have also started on a novel.

Genre-wise I'd say my current style is a mix of post-cyberpunk, bio-industrial, future noir, with bits and pieces of other stuff. I coined the phrase 'Inforage' in my response to Jame's Strickland's blog post
Cyberpunk and Post Cyberpunk - What's in a Name? so maybe I stick with that.