Thursday, July 2, 2009

July update

hmm. where am I at now?

Finishing my final edit (hopefully) on Skimmer, a novella and kernel for my first novel. My experience with working with carbon fiber in rocketry has helped me with the details and plausibility for several plot devices in the story. Let keep our fingers crossed I can get this out for Submission to Analog this month. Like any hopeful new author I have feelings it could be a real hit with scifi readers looking for something different and fun to read.

SciFi stuff
Saw Virtuality the other day, a pilot for a new sci-fi series by Fox. I missed it on regular programming but managed to see it on Hulu. At the moment it looks like Fox will not continue the series. I hope they reconsider as it looks VERY promising. I think it's fresh and does several great new things with tv science fiction. It's about a interstellar space flight to a nearby star. Primary plot devices-Virtual reality, nuclear propulsion drive, reality show in space, AI.
I managed to prompt some good discussion from one of my favorite authors, Jame Strickland, on his blog here. James has two excellent book's in print that I highly recommend. Looking Glass and Irreconcilable Differences.

Also just saw on moviefone a Neuromancer movie scheduled for release early next year. One of the BEST scifi cyberpunk novels ever written! Lets hope the movie is at least half as good as the book

Recently completed this nice custom Binder Design fiberglass Devastator Devastator Build. Normally sold as a wood and paper kit, I had Mike part it out in Extreme II spiral wound fiberglass tubing and G10 fins. Originally I planned on flying it at MDRA's Red Glare this past April but didn't get to launch it. I brought the girls and we got to fly several other nice fiberglass rockets that we all built together.

The girls had a real fun time at Red Glare 6 and as usual the crew at the MDRA launch were really cool.

Upcoming I have my family and friends going up to the NERRF 5 rocket festival at Pine Island, NY in August. We are planning on launching the Devastator, several of the girls' projects, and friends' rockets there.

be well!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Virtuality was pretty cool! I think it does have potential, maybe the SciFi channel will pick it up.

Cool rocket dude. How high will it fly?

John Foberg said...

I hope SciFi Channel (of SyFy as it's now named on it's channel) considers buying the IP.

The rocket will fly anywhere from severalthousand feet to several miles depending on the impulse of rocket motor used.